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Seamless Joins

After about fifteen years in the Commodore 64 BBS world I discovered the brand new and bursting comic book scanning scene late in 1998 and dove in head first, still using my old C64 BBS nick Neon Vincent.  Coached by a fellow called Cooper in the CCA, and later in another group called HaCsA, I focused on quality over quantity so while I didn't do a lot of scans (only about a hundred books in my brief career), most of those that I did do are excellent quality.  If you ever come across the original dossier-style trade paperback of Aeon Flux: The Herodotus File, or some high resolution, high quality scans of MAD Magazine's 50th Anniversary issue, those are my scans.  They were torrented on TPB last time I checked, along with about a dozen more scans of mine.  Keep an eye out for my scans of the three book series Shi: Year of the Dragon, by the way.  It's a terrific story but what really makes it exhilarating is the stunning artwork by Billy Tucci.

I was among the first twenty-five to thirty scanners in the known comic scanning universe when I joined it, preceded by folks like Cooper, Brain Death, Atlantis Project, Biggyboy, TGW and more.  I coined the phrase "seamless join" when I did the first one that had ever been done, the one you see below, two separate pages scanned and then stitched together seamlessly in Photoshop.  Many other scanners would follow; some of those I coached personally.

Before I retired I set up this gallery of some of my seamless joins.  I'm amazed to find it still there after all these years, particularly since it probably hasn't had two hits a year since then...

I also did the first photographic seamless join ever done in comics, the one of the pretty redhead down near the bottom of the left side of that page, in a Sims ad from Mad 423.  But I really must share this credit with oogla of the HaCsA, because a short while later he did a photographic seamless join and his was actual content where mine was just an ad... but what an ad!  I also did the first triple page photographic seamless join ever done but alas, I've lost it in the sands of time.  It's from Flaxen and if anyone out there ever sees it, please contact me with a link :)

This is Allegra_1_p02-p03.jpg, greatly downsized for browser viewing convenience.  You can click on it to see it full size:


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