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Thanks to Christopher A. Shamis for the crisp logo!

My goal on this page is to locate, archive, protect and preserve all of the software that Commodore ever published for the 64, including the Educational Public Domain collection, hardware Test/Demo disks, and all other software, along with scans of the packaging, the manuals, and the disks themselves.  It's an ambitious project and I'll take all the help I can get!

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Educational Public Domain

Educational Public Domain

Test/Demo (currently empty)
Other Aoftware

Other Commodore Software (currently empty)
Other Aoftware

Other Commodore Material


I found an original Commodore factory floppy disk titled Business in my archives and added it to the Educational Public Domain page along with a scan of the disk and a separate .d64 image containing a recovered fragment of a no doubt extremely obscure 1981 Canadian tax program by Jim Butterfield.


Thanks to commodoreluv99, I added a scan of the 1581 floppy drive shipping insert to the Other Commodore Material page.


After an exhaustive search, cross reference, and elimination marathon that lasted a week and took four cases of diet Dew, I've added five new disks to the Educational Public Domain page:


I know the names are strange but there's a method to my madness; see the companion text file to each zip!


I'm starting this page thanks to discovering Peter Rittwage's library of Commodore 64 Public Domain Software at his c64preservation.com website.  I'm nostalgic about these old relics and until I found Peter's page, I didn't know that many different titles even existed.  There was just one small flaw: the "MATH V" disk originally contributed by herminator had an error sector, and after searching the web for another copy without success I posted for that disk in the Lemon forum.  Charlie Hopke responded with the disk I needed but his was a file copied version, so, wanting to keep strictly to the original, I replaced only the 70 damaged bytes on herminator's disk with the correct bytes from Charlie's disk.  I believe it's now a perfect copy of the factory original.

Fixing the MATH_V disk and realizing there should be more than one place on the web to download these treasures is what caused me to start this page.

At this writing, all of the Public Domain disks here are the same as those on Pete's site, with the exception of MATH_V.  The Test/Demo and Other Software directories are currently empty, waiting for material.  If you can contribute .d64 images of any genuine original Commodore disks, or scans of the packaging or documentation, please contact me and share!

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